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Act Bio

AFTERLIFE began in the summer of 2002 with two members, Andreas Stavropoulos (Vocals, Guitar) and Robert Farley (Guitars). Andreas and Robert easily developed an amazing chemistry that led to writing songs shortly after their meeting. With ideas piling up Kyle Nail (Drums) joined the pair. With the members of AFTERLIFE growing musically and Fletcher Alliston adding a new edge to the mixing, AFTERLIFE slowly grew into an incredible mix of Grunge, Classic Rock and Hard Rock.
In January 2004 the band picked up fourth member Ziggy Signorino (Bass Guitar) to form a full unit. Sticking with Fletcher Alliston as the producer, the band churned an 8 song EP, and played many live shows including the Whisky in Hollywood and opening for Drowning Pool and (Hed) PE at the Key Club also in Hollywood. Currently the band has released the “White Walls EP” available on 2005 is set to be full of live shows including the House of Blues, Anaheim with George Lynch and Lizzy Borden and EP promotion.

General Information

DescriptionAfterlife is a hard rock band here to revive the music industry of the last decade’s lack of energy.
LocationDowney, California 90240
GenresRock, Rock, Garage Rock, Modern Rock
Web PageAfterlife
Phone(562) 673-2913
Year Established2002

Upcoming Gigs

There are currently no future gigs listed.


Contact NameRob
Phone(562) 673-2913
URLClick here

Places Played

Key Club, Whisky A Go-Go, Hogue Barmichael's, DiPiazza's, Murphy's, The Anarchy Library



Andreas Stavropoulos Vocals, Guitar
Robert Farley Guitars
Kyle Nail Drums
Ziggy Signorino Bass


Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Scott Weiland, Randy Rhoads