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Act Bio

The roots of HydraFX (HFX) were laid when the Barrick Brothers, Joe and Greg, began playing music together in early 1995. These two young musicians teamed up with friend Aaron Barchers, former bassist of local bands Beltane and Sinyster, and began to develop their own flavor of musical stylings. They picked up a front-man and started to play small gigs around Southern Maryland. They discovered a sound that left audiences begging for more. In November 2000, HFX entered a local music competition at Nations in Washington, D.C., where they took 2nd place out of 30 bands. This foundation could only get better.

In the summer of 2002, the band heard about a battle of the bands that was being hosted by Catamarans, a local bar. The band decided to once again put their music out for critique. Due to illness, the band was forced to perform without their lead vocalist. While improvising their performance, a stranger decided to jump on stage and began free-styling to their music. Kevin Quinn was the guy’s

General Information

DescriptionHydraFX is a band taht brings a lot of musical diversity to the table. HFX plays a funk rock with hints of metal and reggae.
LocationGreat Mills, Maryland 20634
GenresRock, Funk, Reggae, Modern Rock
Web PageHydrafx
Year Established1998


Kevin Quinn Lead Vocals & Sax
Greg Barrick Vocals & Guitar
Sean Reese Bass
Joe Barrick Drums

Upcoming Gigs

There are currently no future gigs listed.


Sublime, 311, Rage against the machine, Incubus, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Pepper's



Contact NameKevin Quinn
Contact Address22575 Upper Kells Lane Great Mills, MD 20634
URLClick here



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