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Act Bio

Times Two is the duo of Brad Hajek & Ken Heeter They perform both acoustically and electrically, with or without full ensemble equipment Times Two has performed at many fine clubs and venues from Baltimore to Philadelphia Whether you’re looking for raw rock & roll or some soft acoustic music, these guys are a good fit for any outing

Brad has over 20 years of professional experience His lead guitar is versatile and influenced by many styles of music At his heart is blues and rock & the style is not lost when the acoustics come out.He plays harmonica, too.

Ken is the picker and a grinner His rhythm and leads mix into the music with flair blending with Brad’s edgy style As a lead vocalist, Ken has quite a wide range that allows him to cover almost any band

Some of the great artists currently on the active song list include: Goo Goo Dolls, Three Doors Down, Incubus, Stained, Foo Fighters, Finger 11, Green Day, Eagles, Linkin Park, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, John Mellencamp, Allman Bros & U2

General Information

NameTimes Two
DescriptionWe are a duo that plays either as a full ensemble, with the use of backing machines and synchronizers, or just acoustically.
LocationGettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325
GenresClassic Rock, Modern Rock, Country, Alternative
Web PageTimes Two
Year Established2004


Brad Hajek Lead Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Engineer Brad takes the band into the hard rock mode with his head banging style.
Ken Heeter Guitar, Lead Vocals Ken's voice is an attention getter. Whether he sings James Taylor or Bono, Ken's vocals are clear and precise.

Upcoming Gigs

There are currently no future gigs listed.



Contact NameKen Heeter
Contact Address18 Bonniefield Cir Gettysburg, PA 17325
URLClick here

Places Played

Ampitheatre, Balt Inner Harbor, Bay City Seafood Restaurant, Callahan's Pub, Bonneauville Inn, Michael K's at the Ox, Michael's Fine Dining, Judge's Bench, Tailgater's, Ventura's, O'Rorke's, Many Others