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Act Bio

A fusion of styles and genres, 10 lb. Libido have ground together a blend that has yet to be named. From Funk, blues, and rock, to jazz, soul, and pop, it's all in there and it's all good! Comin' up in 2005 with a record release pending this summer, and a ton of shows for the Libido head in everyone! This group is a monster of sound onstage, and everyshow just gets better. 2004 was a great year for 10 lb. Libido and 2005 has shown itself already to be setting up for great things!

General Information

Name10 lb. Libido
DescriptionFunk/Jamband from the northwest. All original materials, with a few covers thrown in.
LocationMarysville, Washington 98270
GenresFunk, Garage Rock, Alternative, Rock
Web Page10 lb. Libido
Year Established1999


Ryan Newman Guitar/Vocals
Patrick Harper Bass
Rick Isotalo Drums/Percussion

Upcoming Gigs

There are currently no future gigs listed.


Phish, Parliment, String Chees Incedent, Soulive, Miles Davis, Black Crowes, 311, Sadhappy, Greatful Dead



Contact NameRick Isotalo
Contact Address5804 60th dr ne Marysville, Wa 98270
URLClick here


Saline 10 lb. libido
Slappin' Willie/So Near 10 lb. Libido
Up to you 10 lb. libido
Sexual Chocolate Dive 10 lb. libido
Dogs Doo People Poo 10 lb. libido
Chasing Moonlight 10 lb. libido
Renee's 9$ Buffet 10 lb. libido
The Sky 10 lb. libido
Big Couch 10 lb. libido
Comin' Round 10 lb. libido
Endurance Game 10 lb. libido
Number 10 lb. libido
Summertime High 10 lb. libido

Places Played

Toby Magees, Blue Moon Tavern, The Boulevard, Jimmy Z's, Pine Cone Lounge, Edmonds West, Engels, The Nightshift, Out of Bounds