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01/27/2005 Modified the user and act registration forms to hopefully be more user-friendly. Added more explicit error messages inline with the fields. Other forms will be converted to the new format shortly.

Changed the band / act Edit link to a button that should be more more easily noticed by new users.
01/14/2005 The quick search form at the top of all pages is now functional.

Fixed a bug that assigned the wrong state when creating a venue in a state different than the home state of an act.

  • Fixed website links. If http:// is omitted when entering a link, it will now be added automatically.
  • Display 'Click here' instead of the website URL because some URL's are too long to fit in the boxes and screwed up the display.
01/12/2005 Initial release of the site. Although not all features are implemented yet, there are enough for bands to set up their pages and enter their gigs while we complete the site.
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