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Act Bio

Downward Jolly is a politicaly charged punk/ska band from the east coast that has been rapidly gathering fans from every show they play! The band has released two cd's with the current members and three cd's with a previos lineup that included horns, but the horns were then dropped. There are four members in the band, and each member is a very talented individual. If you love skankin, moshing, and plain out having fun, come check out downward jolly!!!

General Information

NameDownward Jolly
DescriptionPolitically charged punk/ska band
LocationDillsburg, Pennsylvania 17365
GenresPunk, Ska
Web PageDownward Jolly
Phone717 649 9436
Year Established1998


Justin lead vocals/ guitar
Mike bass/ backup vocals
wes guitar
Evan drums/ backup vocals

Upcoming shows

There are currently no future gigs listed.


Operation Ivy, Five Iron Frenzy, Squad Five-0, Anti-Flag, Strike Anywhere, Black Flag



Contact Namedownward jolly
Contact Address113 Harbold Altland Rd
Phone717 649 9436
URLClick here


Rise up downward Jolly
The Alien Song downward Jolly
A Letter to remember downward Jolly
Just wait and See downward Jolly
See you Around downward Jolly
who do you think you are? downward Jolly
my brother, my sister downward Jolly
signs, streets and unity downward Jolly
look past the skin downward Jolly
the Dream downward Jolly
(theres many many to list)

Places Played

Dover High School, Gnar Stage, Wellsville, The American Legion, Lancaster, Brookside Park, THe Pit, 5 6 building main stage, The Cripple Cave, The Civil Bean, The Skate Barn, wellsville PA