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Act Bio

Founding members of Harlen Simple, guitar player Erick Thomas, and front man, Travis Williams started out small playing open mic nights at local bars in Manassas, Virginia during the summer of 2001. Performing primarily covers of songs mainly from the 60’s to the 90’s the band honed their sound and started to develop a strong following in the Manassas bar scene.
Veteran bassist Kenny Morrow started sitting in with them at these open mic nights, officially joining Erick and Travis in 2003. With the addition of Kenny Morrow the band’s sound really gelled with hints of rock, funk and reggae influences. Drummer Ricky Coleman filled in for a show with the band in 2007 and Harlen Simple never let go.
Citing a wide range of influences Harlen Simple draws their inspiration from classic artists and bands such as the Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Bill Withers and Freddie King. The diversity of their influences and being that they are there to entertain and play music lends to some of the most ele

General Information

NameHarlen Simple
DescriptionA Rock/Blues/Funk project that has an unmistakable groove. This band pushes the limits of music to devise their own sound.
LocationManassas, Virginia 20110
GenresRock, Blues Rock, Alternative
Web PageHarlen Simple
Year Established2001


Erick Thomas Guitar Thomas, the co-founder of the project, has used his quick wit and raw emotion to help propel this band to where they are today. A self-taught guitarist, he picked up his first guitar four years ago and has never put it down.
Travis Williams Vocals The natural voice of the band, Williams is the co-founder of Harlen Simple. Although always a fan of singing, Williams had to be coaxed into stepping on stage for the first time as part of a drunken dare at an open mic in 2001.
Kenny Morrow Bass A smooth ladies man and an absolute machine on the bass, Kenny Morrow,is the man that takes care of bass duties in Harlen Simple. Morrow is a world traveler who played his first gig at a sweatbox somewhere in the Philippines.
Ricky Coleman Drums

Upcoming Gigs

There are currently no future gigs listed.


Govt Mule, Allman Bros., Brad Nowell, Sol Creech, Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Warren Haynes, Stevie Wonder



Contact NameTom Downey
Contact Address8808 Antonia Ave Manassas, VA 20110
URLClick here



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