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Act Bio

DJ Octane (Barry Shannon) was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1979. He was raised in Los Angeles and then in Orlando. Barry got a taste of Jungle and Classic House/Techno in the early-mid 90's in Orlando. In 1995 Barry returned to Spain to finish high school. Barry achieved his original music preferences as he traveled up and down the Western Mediterranean Coast listening to hard fast German Trance and Hardcorish House sounds called Makina in that region of Europe. He met along the way some French, Balearic and Catalonian DJ's who gave him positive influences on music, DJing and the different current Genres of music to date. He later returned to Florida at the end of 97, south of Orlando in the Miami area to establish himself as a DJ and Promoter with the knowledge he learned in Southern Europe.

General Information

NameDJ Octane Productions
DescriptionMy style is varied but consistently agressive depending on the crowd & where: Trance, Tribal, Prog. House, & Electrobreaks
LocationMontgomery Village, Maryland 20886
GenresElectronic, Techno, Dance
Web PageDJ Octane Productions
Year Established1997



Upcoming Gigs

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Contact Namebarry
URLClick here



Places Played

FL, DC, MD, VA, Spain